Complexly, it transmits only to the person who knows ・・・ Isn’t there such a thing?
If there is a computer system that understands movement only from seeing ・・・ Isn’t there such a thing?

Our company is

  Construction of a system and system development
    Data analysis (statistical work of regression analysis etc.)
      Image data processing
        To the encryption (steganography etc.))

  It works on the development related to various computers.

It wants to aim at such system development that everyone sees and understands, and to accomplish the contribution to the society.


Name Be Graph Co.,Ltd.

Address Mail No:811-1251
Phone/FAX: +81-92-985-8677
Matsunoki 428-1-401, Nakagawa-City , Tikushi-Gun , Fukuoka-Ken, Japan.
Establishment March, 2002

Activities ・ Development and sales of computer software package
・ Computer system sales
・ Consulting business
・ Coordination business