SECS Packet Logger

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This file is SECS Packet Logger (monitor) trial version.
This application can log the SECS(HSMS) message very easily.
Let’s try logging the SECS(HSMS) message.

* “SECS Packet Logger(ja)” and “SECS Packet Logger(en)” are quite the same download files.

In the trial version, there is the following restrictions.
  • In SECS Packet Logger, if the logging of ten packets is done or timeout(10min), it ends automatically. More , you can not do next operation for a few seconds when the logging is stopped.
  • In SECS Packet Logger, Auto logging function is not supported.
  • Automatic file update (rereading seeing) cannot be done with SECS Message Viewer. (It is possible by hand power. )
If you want to install Trial version,
  • Download following file(secsxxxx_trial.exe).
  • Execute downloaded file(secsxxxx_trial.exe).
    Please install it following the instruction of Window after it is executed.
Release version is USB flash memory that is installed this application. It can log the SECS(HSMS) message more easily than trial version.
Because it is only the following only operation.
  • Insert Release version(USB flash memory) to USB port.
  • Run this application without install.
    (- daoule-click exe file etc.)
Please buy release version.

Revision History (Summary) …See detail…

download SECS Packet Logger 2.22 - It is the latest setup of SECS Packet Logger file.
download Sample HSMS Logging data 2.00 - Sample logging files of HSMS protocol(SEMI).