SECS Serial Logger

What is SECS Serial Logger(Monitor)?

SECS Serial Logger (Monitor) is

software of Windows(R).
This software is logging (monitor/capture) of the communication data of communication protocol (SECS(SECS-I)) between semiconductor equipment or computer of the Windows(R) version .

  • Need help in debugging at communication protocol (SECS(SECS-I))?
  • Do you want to chek released software of communication as SECS(SECS-I)?

    This Software will help you who have problem of communication protocol (SECS(SECS-I)).
– “SECS Packet Logger(Monitor)” correspond to HSMS.


SECS Serial Logger (Monitor) has the following features.

  • Very easy, logging of communication information on SECS(SECS-I).

    * If your os is Windows7, you will not be able to see SECS Packet Logger in automatic select program window. Because function run automate at insert USB flash memory was deleted in Windows7. But you will be able to run SECS Packet Logger by click short-cut file of SECS Packet Logger in USB drive.
  • Very simple and easy, check of log(text file).
  • Does not write to REGISTRY.

– The SECS communication protocol corresponds only to SECS-I. It doesn’t correspond to HSMS.
– “SECS Packet Logger(Monitor)” correspond to HSMS.

How to Buy SECS Serial Logger?

You can obtain this software by paying with Paypal.
The USB flash memory in which this software has already been installed will reach the buyer in several days if you paid with Paypal.

SECS Serial Logger Price.

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  • Sample log data download
    In the trial version, there is the following restrictions.
    • In SECS Serial Logger, if the logging of ten datas is done or timeout(10min), it ends automatically. More , you can not do next operation for a few seconds when the logging is stopped.
    • In SECS Serial Logger, Auto logging function is not supported.
    • Automatic file update (rereading seeing) cannot be done with SECS Message Viewer. (It is possible by hand power. )

System Requirements?

[ System Requirements ]

OS Windows (R)2000
Windows (R)XP
Windows (R)Vista
Windows (R)7(RC) (V1.01 or later.)
CPU Pentium 1GHz or more(i386 faction)
Pentium 2GHz or more is recommended (i386 faction)
It is not possible to correspond to 64bit.
Memory 128MB or more.
256MB or more is recommended.
Capacity of HDD About 10MB when installing it(Only the trial version).
There is no restriction in the capacity of HDD because it operates in a released version without the installation.
However, when the directory (folder) in which logging information is written is specified for HDD, logging is done only up to the capacity of the HDD.
– Becoming empty twice the capacity of the maximum value of made Rogingfail is recommended.
Others Only PC/AT (DOS/V) compatible machine corresponds.
USB1.0 or more corresponds. (In a regular version, it is necessary to indicate offered USB thumb drive. )

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