About SECS Message Viewer

SECS Message Viewer SECS Packet Logger (Monitor) , it is logged SECS message display tool , for coloring etc. to do logging information (text), and to easy analyzing.

[ Feature ]
SECS Message Viewer has following features.
  • SECS Message Viewer doesn’t support about the file not written in SECS Packet Logger (Monitor) .

  • You will be able to distinguish the Receive message and the Send message easily by seeing Tree View.
  • You will be able to analyse SECS messages very easy if you color-code the content of the message.
  • You will be able to check messages very easy if you filter SECS message .

[ System Requirements ]
OS Windows (R)2000
Windows (R)XP
Windows (R)Vista
  • Not support excluding above-mentioned OS.
CPU i386-32bit 1.0 GHz or higher i386-32bit 2.0 GHz or higher recommended
Memory 128MB or more
512MB or more recommended
Other PC/AT (DOS/V) compatible only.

[ Revision History (Summary) ]
Date Version Summary
2009.3.3 V2.00
  • The algorithm of the Auto-Reload was changed because of multi-apprication running.(Only release version).
    (include auto detail scroll etc.)
  • The algorithm of the display was changed because of high speed.
  • The function to read the binary file was added. (Only release version).
  • The function was added like displaying date information to tree view.
  • Support SECS Serial Logger.
  • The control of the scroll of a big file was changed.
2009.1.16 V1.10
  • Supported for English / Japanease Windows.
2009.1.9 V1.00 First edition release

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