About SECS Packet Logger

SECS Packet Logger (Monitor) is software on Windows(R) that monitor and log communication protocol(SECS (HSMS)) of semiconductor.

[ Feature ]
SECS Packet Logger (Monitor) has following features.

  • Very easy, logging of communication information on SECS(HSMS).
  • Very simple and easy, check of log(text file).
  • Does not write to REGISTRY.(Only Windos 2000,Windows XP)

– The SECS communication protocol corresponds only to HSMS(HSMS-SS). It doesn’t correspond to SECS-I.
– It doesn’t correspond to IPv6.

[ System Requirements ]
OS Windows (R)2000
Windows (R)XP
Windows (R)Vista (V1.04 or later.)
Windows (R)7(RC) (V2.21 or later.)
  • This software automatically installs the network driver for the monitor in Vista.
    It writes it in the registry for that.
    When logging is ended, it driver is automatically uninstalled.
  • Not support excluding above-mentioned OS.
CPU i386-32bit 1.0 GHz or higher i386-32bit 2.0 GHz or higher recommended
Memory 128MB or more
512MB or more recommended
HDD(or USB) This software needs empty capacity of 10MB or more as a work area.
(It is capacity to preserve the set up information. )
* If you set the directory to save a logging file in HD, you should check whether an enough becoming empty is in HD to write the logging file.
Other PC/AT (DOS/V) compatible only.
Supported USB1.0 or later.

[ Revision History (Summary) ]
Date Version Summary
2009.8.18 V2.21
  • Suppported for Windows 7(RC)(Only release version)
2009.3.3 V2.20
  • The algorithm of the Auto-Reload was changed because of multi-apprication running.(Only release version).
  • The function to resize executing window.
  • Update resource file.
2009.1.24 V2.11
  • Supported for English / Japanease Windows.(add information)
2009.1.16 V2.10
  • Supported for English / Japanease Windows.
2009.1.9 V2.00
  • To set a detailed condition of the SECS logging, the setting window was added.
  • To refer to SECS logging information by the color addition character, it changes.
  • SECS Message Viewer was added to this package.
    The color display and the filter function, etc. were possessed, and the message confirmation was enabled easily.
2008.11.30 V1.04
  • Suppported for Windows Vista(Only release version)
2008.09.05 V1.03
  • Can set logical path for logging directory
2007.12.21 V1.02
  • Suppported for Windows 2000(only icon)
  • Error because of piece of two or more adaptors insertion PC is corrected.
2007.10.27 V1.01
  • Suppported for Windows 2000
  • Add information on troubleshooting
2007.09.20 V1.00 First edition release

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