How to set to stop when error occurs.

How to set to stop when error occurs.
This page details how to set to stop when error occurs.

Even if some errors occur in logging, it doesn’t stop if you do not change any setting.
Error information is written to the error information area of the initialization file at any time ( (1) In the following figures ).
A left part of writing format is date and time.
ex) 20070828_211351 : means this message is wrote at 2007/08/28 21:13:51.

A right part of writing format is error message.(\n means the end-of-line key,)

  1. If you want to show window of setting of the output directory etc.,you will click on “Setting…” in Main Window.
    * If this software is executing log, you must stop log.

    When the error occurs, logging is stopped.
    Check this item.
    if you does not check this item, when some error happen in logging, logging will be not stoped .

    When the edit is finished, the “OK” button is clicked. Set information is reflected.

    Start logging by same operation as “How to log(monitor) SECS Message easy.”
    When error occurs, you will notice logging stop by automatic.

    Also, this function was able to be enabled by changing the file by version 1.xx.
    But this way is not supported at version 2.00 or later.

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